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(Publication and product pricing effective as of September 1, 2015)

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The Key to the Constitution by Henry B. Watson; Edited by John B. Minnick
Price: $4.75

This booklet contains the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Amendments with explanatory marginal notations, excerpts from George Washington's Farewell Address and Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

The Making of George Washington by William H. Wilbur
Price: $21.50

This classic biography deals extensively with Washington's early life, the influences that shaped his personality and leadership abilities. It explores the development of Washington's moral character and modesty, courage and honesty, consideration of others, self-discipline and prodigious will to work, determination to do right and spirit of selfless service.

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Ten Most Patriotic American Speeches
Price: $14.95

The ten selected speeches in this collection are a fair representation of the best of what America has to say.

George Washington-Architect of the Constitution by Henry B. Watson
Price: $9.50

This work portrays the dramatic part that Washington played in American history and his critical role in the 1787 Philadelphia Convention. It describes the steps he took to bring the U.S. Constitution into being.

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George Mason-Father of the Bill of Rights by Carla R. Heymsfeld & Joan W. Lewis
Price: $10.75

Here is a thoroughly engaging and accessible account of the life and times of George Mason, told against the dramatic background of the American Revolution and the intellectually stimulating years in which the Constitution and Bill of Rights were created.

George Washington Portrait 11" by 14"
Price: $2.50

"Portrait of George Washington as a Young Man during the Revolution about 1776" by Ruth Stedman Druliner.

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George Washington Necktie
Price: $30.00

Celebrate George Washington's life by wearing this exclusive neckwear, imprinted with the Druliner portrait of Washington on royal blue silk. These neckties are fine gifts.

The Declaration of Independence (Rolled)
Price: $3.50

Facsimile copy of the Declaration of Independence.

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George Washington's "Commander-in-Chief" Flag
Price: $4.00

George Washington's "Commander-in-Chief " Flag.

Leadership Fundamentals and Character Development
Price: $3.95

This booklet discusses the principles of leadership, defines leadership, explains the factors of leadership, and provides an overview of what a leader must be, know, and do. Its purpose is to provide an overall concept of professional leadership.

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